Bandura Communications

06.06.2023 Due to a system change our I2P Reseed Server experienced an interruption today.

05.06.2023 Due to a change of the firewall system to there were interruptions of some services and the transit service. At times, packets were not forwarded correctly.

11.05.2023 At and maintenance work was performed today, which caused interruptions. Furthermore, the node was removed.

10.05.2023 Due to maintenance there were interruptions on and today.

08.05.2023 Due to maintenance at there will be interruptions.

04.05.2023 Maintenance work was performed on This resulted in interruptions.

Due to an error in the automatic configuration, the DNS on was down in the past few days. The diest is working again.

03.05.2023 Maintenance work was performed on This resulted in interruptions.

19.04.2023 Due to the maintenance of there was a partial outage of the Bandura Communications DNS system on the dnet.

18.04.2023 Maintenance work was performed on the firewall of Therefore there were several interruptions.

17.04.2023 Due to maintenance p2p-nodede is experiencing downtime. Affected are the dn42, the NeoNetwork, Router.City and CRXN.

04.12.2022 Both VM’s at the IXP frnte currently have no internet connectivity. Therefore, their configuration files cannot be updated. Should they suddenly work again, they would run with an outdated configuration, which could cause problems.

The node laplace is currently not available. Unfortunately, there was a software problem.

02.12.2022 We joined the new MoeIX in Seattle.

27.11.2022 The internal management of networks has been reconfigured. A BGP community is now used instead of a BGP attribute. If invalid routes are exported or the BGP commuiity (65535, 70, xxx) is seen, please report it to:

19.11.2022 We are switching from provider FranTech (Clearnet AS VM in Las Vegas) to August Internet (Kansas City) because FranTech does not allow downstreams on our site. The trollmarkt node will be deactivated at the end of the month. Corresponding peers will be informed after the new server is set up.

15.11.2022 After initial difficulties, we got the prefix in dn42. This is to be used for end devices.

08.11.2022 Due to instabilities in DNSSEC, we have changed DNS provider. Previously, NetCup was responsible for this. Now HE is responsible. We act as hidden master and HE as slave. This change caused the DNS and DNSSEC to fail. These should be fixed now.

A new node was added: This node was donated by Joey Julian Koenig. This also acts as upstream for our Clearnet AS.

We can now also offer transit on Clearnet. This may be linked to some instability, but should work.

14.10.2022 Various optimizations in BGP routing. If a peer is directly connected and the traffic is destined for its system, the traffic is then always routed via the peer. It is not routed through other routes from our AS first. Background is that the peer AS knows better where the traffic can be routed to. For example, if there are two peerings between our systems - one in the USA and one in Germany - the aim is to avoid traffic being transferred from our system to the USA only to be transferred back to Germany by the peer AS in the USA.

12.10.2022 Currently, there are more and more failures of the herzstein node in Hong Kong. The provider has been informed about this.

During the day, there were outages at the node due to a firewall misconfiguration.

After more than two weeks of outage, the sobinka node has an internet connection again. The node is therefore reactivated.

11.10.2022 The node sobinka at the IXP frnte currently lacks an Internet connection, because of which it cannot receive updates. As long as this is the case, the node sobinka is deactivated. The IXP frnte has been informed about this.

10.10.2022 We have received a VPS from Evolution Host free of charge. In contrast, we have placed a small advertising text on This node has now been added to dn42. It already has peering with the iEdon Net and the Kioubit Network.

09.10.2022 There was an outage of the herzstein node in Hong Kong lasting over an hour.

The connection to the VM at the IXP.SU was faulty. Instead of GRE, WireGuard is now used.

02.10.2022 An error was corrected which caused invalid prefixes to be accessed by Bandura Communications Clearnet AS. This happened because one of our upstreams had propagated a default route to us. This was not noticed during the ROA check. Default routes are now rejected by default.

27.09.2022 dn42. Due to a misconfiguration on our side, the IP addresses of our network were not available for a short time. Everything should work again now. Problems can always be reported to!

There was a suggestion in the wiki some time ago to introduce country codes for the origin of routes. This will also be implemented by us. Now a geographic code and a country code will be used.

26.09.2022 For bgp_med and bgp_local_pref a system was found for both dn42 and clearnet. The system is documented.

25.09.2022 A lot has happened: Bandura Commuications has two new Clearnet routers: One in the USA from provider FranTech and one in China at IXP.SU. The one in the USA is called trollmarkt and is already fully set up. The one in China has unfortunately only limited capacities. It will be fully set up in the next few days.

A few days ago there were problems with the DNS. We found a solution with the DNS provider NetCup and DNS + DNSSEC should now work again for and all subdomains.

The BGP communities in Clearnet have been restructured. Instead of the old dn42 communities, modified Large BGP communities with the same meaning are now used.

19.09.2022 Bandura Communications has joined the myip.dn42 anycast with the three nodes p2pnode, p2prouter and herzstein. Bandura Communications has registered the domain bandura.dn42 and bandura.neo. Furthermore we have registered rDNS for our IP Ranges. Our DNS is secured with DNSSEC. The corresponding keys can be found in the registry. For the DNS we use bind9 as server and Coredns as reverse proxy.

16.09.2022 The anti-IP spoofing strategy has been updated on Clearnet and dn42 routers. New firewall rules were applied. In case of problem please let us know. This is an attempt to implement action 2 of MANRS.

15.09.2022 There are huge problems with IPv6 connectivity on the herzstein node. The provider Hosthatch has been informed about the problem and has been asked to fix it. In the meantime the HE tunnel broker is used for IPv6. Therefore there may be more latency (about up to 10ms).

12.09.2022 Unfortunately, there were major problems with the herzstein node after the update. There are problems with connectivity into Clearnet. Some peerings are affected. The provider Hosthatch has been contacted. I hope that the problem will be solved quickly.

freetransit was kind enough to give us a /44 PA. Therefore a small renumbering arises. There may be interruptions.

11.09.2022 There will be interruption to the Hong Kong node on Sept. 11, 2022 between 6 to 12 p.m. UTC (14:00 GMT+8 to 20:00 GMT+8). Our hoster Hosthatch will perform hardware updates during this time, which will restart the server. Optimally, there will be an interruption of 15 minutes. However, there may be a system downtime. In this case, the node may be offline for a few days.

The hardware updates seem to have run without problems. There were no major interruptions.

There are several dn42 peering which show problems. The peering partners have been notified. We are looking for solutions for the problems.

Bandura Communications now offers a dn42 registration proxy service.

07.09.2022 Improve BGP policies. Obtain a Clearnet ASN from the RIPE NCC. Set up two Clearnet routers. The dn42 and Clearnet networks are separated.

01.09.2022 A firewall error on one node caused IPv4 packets to be dropped. This bug should be fixed now. (Same error as on 25.08.2022, it was probably not the nmap scan)

30.08.2022 Upgrading from bird2.0.9 to bird2.0.10

25.08.2022 There was probably a problem with forwarding rules from a node due to a port scan with nmap. The error should be fixed now. + Additional security measures have been implemented.

23.08.2022 Implementation of BGP Communities (65535:65281) and (65535:65282). The functionality of the communities has not yet been verified. Errors may occur.

22.08.2022 Backup solution added

11.08.2022 Change web server from apache to nginx on, apache is now used as backend + install a peertube instance at