DN42 Lab and Monitoring

Bandura Communications

Bandura Communications has registered AS number 4242422924 in dn42 for experimentation and monitoring.

In contrast to the main network, the Lab AS is located on a single node in Germany, Nuremberg.


Peering policy: Closed / Selective

BGP communities

Communitiy Name Description
65535:65281 no-export do not advertise to any eBGP peers (implemented by bird)
65535:65282 no-advertise do not advertise to any BGP peer (implemented by bird)
65535:65283 no-export-subconfed do not advertise to any eBGP peer or to confederation (implemented by bird)
64511:(1-9) Latency Community, which specifies the maximum latency.
64511:(21-29) Bandwidth Community, which specifies the minimum bandwidth.
64511:(31-34) Crypto / Encryption Community, which specifies how the transmitted data is encrypted.
64511:(41-57) Region BGP communities for route origin
64511:(1000-1999) Country BGP communities for route origin
4242422924:5:1 Physical connection
4242422924:5:2 Connection over Internet Exchange Points (Manually or via router server)
4242422924:5:3 Connection over Tunnel
4242422924:5:4 Connection over Virtual Internet Exchange Points (Manually or via router server)
4242422924:5:5 Unknown type

see RFC1997, RFC8642, Bird communities


The following filters are applied to imported routes:

Routing Policy

see BIRD 2.0 User’s Guide 6.3 BGP


bgp_med Description
0 default
+ ( 4 - [1-4] ) * 600 Crypto class
+ ( 9 - [1-9] ) * 100 Bandwidth class
+ ( [1-9] - 1 ) * 300 Latency class
+ ( [1-5] - 1 ) * 10 Link class


bgp_local_pref Description
0 graceful shutdown
100 default
+ 500 Direct peer (AS path length = 1)
+/- manuel configured For example, in case of latency problems or slow connections.

Numbers and Addresses

AS 4242422924
IPv6 net fd00:8e13:ce5d::/48
Prefix Usage
fd00:8e13:ce5d::/48 Full prefix
- fd00:8e13:ce5d::/64 Nodes
- - fd00:8e13:ce5d::/112 Nodes addresses
- fd00:8e13:ce5d:4e90::/60 Lab 4e90
- fd00:8e13:ce5d:cb00::/56 Lab cb00


Name Location Bandwidth Provider Note
srv.dn42-lab.de Nuremberg, Germany 1Gbit/s (shared) Netcup  

IP addresses of my nodes:

Name IPv6
srv.dn42-lab.de fd00:8e13:ce5d::1, fd00:8e13:ce5d::53, fd00:8e13:ce5d::2924 (for ULA peering), fd00:8e13:ce5d::9743


AS Network Peer Website Method
64719 lutoma de-fra.dn42.lutoma.org https://dn42.lutoma.org Automatic peering
4242421817 KSKB-NETWORK de.kskb.eu.org https://kskb42.pages.dev/ Automatic peering
4242422189 IEDON-NET de-fra.dn42.kuu.moe https://dn42.kuu.moe/ Automatic peering
4242422717 HuJK’s Network de.vm.whojk.com https://net.whojk.com/ Automatic peering
4242422923 Bandura Communications p2p-node.de, p2p-router.de https://byeob.de/ Manuel peering
4242423088 sunnet fra1-de.dn42.6700.cc https://www.6700.cc/ Automatic peering
4242423914 Kioubit Network de2.g-load.eu https://dn42.g-load.eu/ Automatic peering