DN42 Lab and Monitoring

Bandura Communications

Bandura Communications has registered AS number 4242422924 in dn42 for experimentation.

In contrast to the main network, the Lab AS is located on a single node in Germany, Nuremberg.


Peering policy: Closed / Selective

BGP communities

Communitiy Name Description
65535:65281 no-export do not advertise to any eBGP peers (implemented by bird)
65535:65282 no-advertise do not advertise to any BGP peer (implemented by bird)
65535:65283 no-export-subconfed do not advertise to any eBGP peer or to confederation (implemented by bird)
64511:(1-9) Latency Community, which specifies the maximum latency.
64511:(21-29) Bandwidth Community, which specifies the minimum bandwidth.
64511:(31-34) Crypto / Encryption Community, which specifies how the transmitted data is encrypted.
64511:(41-57) Region BGP communities for route origin
64511:(1000-1999) Country BGP communities for route origin
4242422924:5:1 Physical connection
4242422924:5:2 Connection over Internet Exchange Points (Manually or via router server)
4242422924:5:3 Connection over Tunnel
4242422924:5:4 Connection over Virtual Internet Exchange Points (Manually or via router server)
4242422924:5:5 Unknown type
4242422924:150:OTC BGP OTC attributes are filtered. The value of such a filtered attribute is appended to the route in the form of this community.
4242422924:131:ASN First ASN in AS path
4242422924:132:ASN Last ASN in AS path
4242422924:133:LEN Length of the AS path

see RFC1997, RFC8642, Bird communities


The following filters are applied to imported routes:

Routing Policy

see BIRD 2.0 User’s Guide 6.3 BGP


bgp_med Description
0 default
+ ( 4 - [1-4] ) * 600 Crypto class
+ ( 9 - [1-9] ) * 100 Bandwidth class
+ ( [1-9] - 1 ) * 300 Latency class
+ ( [1-5] - 1 ) * 10 Link class


bgp_local_pref Description
0 graceful shutdown
100 default
+ 500 Direct peer (AS path length = 1)
+/- manuel configured For example, in case of latency problems or slow connections.

Numbers and Addresses

AS 4242422924
IPv6 net fd00:8e13:ce5d::/48
Prefix Usage
fd00:8e13:ce5d::/48 Full prefix
- fd00:8e13:ce5d::/64 Nodes
- - fd00:8e13:ce5d::/112 Nodes addresses
- fd00:8e13:ce5d:4e90::/60 Lab 4e90
- fd00:8e13:ce5d:cb00::/56 Lab cb00
- fd00:8e13:ce5d:8a00::/56 Lab 8a00


Name Location Bandwidth Provider Note
srv.dn42-lab.de Nuremberg, Germany 1Gbit/s (shared) Netcup  

IP addresses of my nodes:

Name IPv6
srv.dn42-lab.de fd00:8e13:ce5d::1, fd00:8e13:ce5d::53, fd00:8e13:ce5d::2924 (for ULA peering), fd00:8e13:ce5d::9743


AS Network Peer Website Method
64719 lutoma de-fra.dn42.lutoma.org https://dn42.lutoma.org Automatic peering
4242421817 KSKB-NETWORK de.kskb.eu.org https://kskb42.pages.dev/ Automatic peering
4242422189 IEDON-NET de-fra.dn42.kuu.moe https://dn42.kuu.moe/ Automatic peering
4242422717 HuJK’s Network de.vm.whojk.com https://net.whojk.com/ Automatic peering
4242422923 Bandura Communications p2p-node.de, p2p-router.de https://byeob.de/ Manuel peering
4242423088 sunnet fra1-de.dn42.6700.cc https://www.6700.cc/ Automatic peering
4242423914 Kioubit Network de2.g-load.eu https://dn42.g-load.eu/ Automatic peering