Bandura Communications

Unfortunately, abuse can always happen. In this case, this can be reported by e-mail. It will be tried to answer quickly.

Field E-Mail
dn42 dn42-abuse@mk16.de
NeoNetwork neo-abuse@mk16.de
CRXN crxn-abuse@mk16.de
Clearnet ripencc-abuse@byeob.de
CA ca-abuse@byeob.de
Other abuse@byeob.de

Hint to abuse CA: Cases related to the CA may not be important, depending on the case, since the CA is purely unofficial.

Hint to “Other”: The email for “Other” can be used if you are not sure which service is being abused or if it refers to a service that is not listed.

These email addresses are for abuse cases only. Other inquiries can be directed to the e-mail contact@byeob.de. They will not be answered on these e-mail addresses. It is forbidden to send spam or similar content to the e-mail addresses.