Clearnet Peering Policy

Bandura Communications

Any peering is welcome. To make a peering request, just contact me via email: (GPG is supported, 9AA2 8159 FCEB 3CD8 3BC2 1201 7E86 9146 6991 08C7).

I support:

Peering Requirements:

Desirable peering partner support (not mandatory):

My servers are reachable via IPv6. Currently I am peering through GRE and SIT. But I am open for new solutions. My ASN for peering is 202952. My AS-SET is AS-BANDURA-COMMUNICATIONS-SET.

Providing transit

We are able to provide transit. There are both some rules and restrictions.


The following tunnel types are supported: GRE, SIT, WireGuard, OpenVPN

However, I am also willing to try others: Just ask

Transit types

Type 1

This type is associated with more effort. Here transit is provided over several upstreams, which must be manually notified. The downstream is then connected to the following AS:

Type 2

This type is offered to everyone and can be deployed immediately after a successful BGP session. The downstream is then connected to the following AS: