Bandura Communications

CRXN stands for Community Run eXpansive Network. It’s a computer network run by the community for the community. We provide an IPv6 (that’s the freshest Internet Protocol out there to date) and on CRXN anything that can speak IPv6 will be able to function correctly - a network without borders!


Peering policy: open - every peering is welcome, just write to


The following filters are applied to imported routes:

Numbers and Addresses

CRXN IPv6 net fd92:58b6:2b2::/48
Pingable IPv6 fd92:58b6:2b2::


Entitiy: bandura Domain: bandura.crxn


Prefix Usage
fd92:58b6:2b2::/48 Full prefix
- fd92:58b6:2b2::/64 Nodes
- - fd92:58b6:2b2::/112 Nodes addresses
- fd92:58b6:2b2:e::/64 End users


Name Location Bandwidth Provider Note Nuremberg, Germany 2.5Gbit/s (shared) Netcup Nuremberg, Germany 1.0Gbit/s (shared) Netcup Hong Kong 1Gbps (shared) Hosthatch Lenexa, Kansas, USA 400 Mbps (shared) IONES weak resources near Nantes, France ~ 900Mbit/s (shared) LGP CORP IXP frnte near Nantes, France ~ 900Mbit/s (shared) LGP CORP IXP frnte Hannover, Germany ~ 12Mbit/s (dedicated) - PC at my home | not publicly accessible Oregon, USA 1 Gbit/s (shared) OVH SAS over Evolution Host Kansas City, USA 100 Mbit/s (shared) August Internet  

IP addresses of my nodes:

Name IPv6
Anycast fd92:58b6:2b2::
DNS fd92:58b6:2b2::53 fd92:58b6:2b2::1 fd92:58b6:2b2::2 fd92:58b6:2b2::3 fd92:58b6:2b2::4 fd92:58b6:2b2::5 fd92:58b6:2b2::6 fd92:58b6:2b2::7 fd92:58b6:2b2::8 fd92:58b6:2b2::9


Network Peer Website
Ty3r0x’s network Romania
Deavmi’s network List 1

List 1:

Node IP address
Deavmi’s CRXN Community router 2a04:5b81:2010::32
alexserv 2a04:5b81:2060:b00b:72a6:93e8:30fa:5013
chris 2a04:5b82:3:8600:0:c0ff:fe91:bf87
gustav 2a04:5b81:2011::2