Bandura Communications

dn42 is a decentralized peer-to-peer network built using VPNs and software/hardware BGP routers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dn42

Looking for AS4242422924? DN42 Lab and Monitoring


Peering policy: open - every peering is welcome, see peering request


BGP communities

Communitiy Name Description
65535:65281 no-export do not advertise to any eBGP peers (implemented by bird)
65535:65282 no-advertise do not advertise to any BGP peer (implemented by bird)
65535:65283 no-export-subconfed do not advertise to any eBGP peer or to confederation (implemented by bird)
64511:(1-9) Latency Community, which specifies the maximum latency.
64511:(21-29) Bandwidth Community, which specifies the minimum bandwidth.
64511:(31-34) Crypto / Encryption Community, which specifies how the transmitted data is encrypted.
64511:(41-57) Region BGP communities for route origin
64511:(1000-1999) Country BGP communities for route origin

see RFC1997, RFC8642, Bird communities


The following filters are applied to imported routes:

Routing Policy

see BIRD 2.0 User’s Guide 6.3 BGP


bgp_med Description
0 default
+ ( 4 - [1-4] ) * 600 Crypto class
+ ( 9 - [1-9] ) * 100 Bandwidth class
+ ( [1-9] - 1 ) * 300 Latency class


bgp_local_pref Description
0 graceful shutdown
100 default
+ 700 Direct peer (AS path length = 1)
- 200 When direct peer (AS path length = 1) and exported to iBGP
- 20 AS path longer than 25
+/- manuel configured For example, in case of latency problems or slow connections.

Numbers and Addresses

AS 4242422923
IPv4 net
IPv4 net
IPv6 net fd04:234e:fc31::/48
Pingable dn42-pingable.byeob.de
Pingable IPv4
Pingable IPv6 fd04:234e:fc31::

Registry dn42

Organisation ID ORG-BC
E-Mail dn42@mk16.de
Abuse E-Mail dn42-abuse@mk16.de
Domain bandura.dn42
Maintainer ID MARK22K-MNT / MARK22K-DN42
Maintainer PGP 9AA28159FCEB3CD83BC212017E869146699108C7


Prefix Usage myip.dn42 anycast service
fd42:d42:d42:81::/64 myip.dn42 anycast service


Prefix Range Usage - End users - Full prefix - Node addresses - Anycast DNS - Old end users / end servers


Prefix Usage
fd04:234e:fc31::/48 Full prefix
- fd04:234e:fc31::/64 Nodes
- - fd04:234e:fc31::/112 Nodes addresses
- fd04:234e:fc31:e::/64 End users
- fd04:234e:fc31:b9af::/64 Transfer networks


Name Location Bandwidth Provider Note
p2p-node.de Nuremberg, Germany 2.5Gbit/s (shared) Netcup  
p2p-router.de Nuremberg, Germany 1.0Gbit/s (shared) Netcup  
herzstein.mk16.de Hong Kong 10Gbps (shared) Hosthatch  
aurora.mk16.de Lenexa, Kansas, USA 400 Mbps (shared) IONES weak resources
palerme.mk16.de near Nantes, France ~ 900Mbit/s (shared) LGP CORP IXP frnte
silvermoon.mk16.de Vienna, Austria 40Gbps (shared) Hosthatch  
laplace.mk16.de Hannover, Germany ~ 12Mbit/s (shared) Telefonica Germany (o2) PC at my home
stricker.mk16.de Oregon, USA 1 Gbit/s (shared) OVH SAS over Evolution Host  
trolljaeger.mk16.de Kansas City, USA 100 Mbit/s (shared) August Internet  

IP addresses of my nodes:

Name IPv4 IPv6
Anycast fd04:234e:fc31::
DNS fd04:234e:fc31::42
p2p-node.de fd04:234e:fc31::1
p2p-router.de fd04:234e:fc31::2
herzstein.mk16.de fd04:234e:fc31::3
aurora.mk16.de fd04:234e:fc31::4
palerme.mk16.de fd04:234e:fc31::5
silvermoon.mk16.de fd04:234e:fc31::6
laplace.mk16.de fd04:234e:fc31::7
stricker.mk16.de fd04:234e:fc31::8
trolljaeger.mk16.de fd04:234e:fc31::9


AS Network Peer Website Method
64636 RaumZeitLabor e.V. mark22k.peers.raumzeitlabor.de https://raumzeitlabor.de/ Manuel peering
64719 lutoma de-fra.dn42.lutoma.org https://dn42.lutoma.org Automatic peering
4242420119 jrb de-1.core.as4242420119.dn42, fr-1.core.as4242420119.dn42 - Manuel peering
4242420129 inferior.network de-fra.inferior.network https://inferior.network/ Manuel peering
4242420212 Bling Network ams1.dn42.blw.moe, hkg1.dn42.blw.moe, sfo1.dn42.blw.moe https://blw.moe/ Manuel peering
4242420213 Thomas Network Backbone Luxemburg http://as4242420213.dn42/ Manuel peering
4242420228 spectre network de-nbg01.dn42.spectre-net.de https://spectre-net.de/ Manuel peering
4242420268 liuxu germany.g-v6.linux.plus https://www.liuquanhao.com/ Manuel peering
4242420297 steinex kuma.nognu.de https://nognu.de/ Manuel peering
4242420341 Hachiman Network eddm.fal.moe https://lg.hachiman.dn42/ Manuel peering
4242420365 Aleksana Network server0.aleksana.moe - Manuel peering
4242420428 hax404’s network mark22k.peers.hax404.de https://www.hax404.de/ Manuel peering
4242420458 HUAJINET us-east1.dn42.huajitech.net, cn-intl1.dn42.huajitech.net, eu-west1.dn42.huajitech.net https://www.huajitech.net/ Manuel peering
4242420475 casKd / redxen Germany https://redxen.eu/ Manuel peering
4242420503 ziad87 ziad87.net https://ziad87.net/ Manuel peering
4242420517 Huang’s network sgp.dn42.kenn.one - Manuel peering
4242420539 buzzster, 2a01:4f8:c17:4178::1 https://buzzster.co.uk/ Manuel peering
4242420549 bb-pgqm lux.lux.dn42.bb-pgqm.com https://dn42.bb-pgqm.com/ Manuel peering
4242420566 CDUBS d02.cdubs.app https://www.cdubs.tech/ Manuel peering
4242420585 ATOLM-AS de1.dn42.atolm.net, jp1.dn42.atolm.net, ca1.dn42.atolm.net https://dn42.atolm.net/ Manuel peering
4242420603 MolMoe Network hk02.nodes.mol.moe https://dn42.mol.moe/ Automatic peering
4242420609 BitKraken 2a02:c207:3004:7414::23 - Manuel peering
4242420620 Elrond-AS Darmstadt, Germany - Manuel peering
4242420720 Interwebs dn42.interwebs.it https://interwebs.it/ Manuel peering
4242420780 brand-web.net dn42-de-fra4.brand-web.net https://brand-web.net/ Manuel peering
4242420807 RHM Experimental Network (Germany), (Singapore) - Manuel peering
4242420904 y525 nike.y525.cf / 2a0e:fd45:1000:54::2 https://dn42.y525.gq/ Manuel peering
4242420927 Liki / Las Vegas, USA - Manuel peering
4242420949 20plays North California https://20plays.com/ Manuel peering
4242421037 LibreHouse Network setsuna.yukipedia.cf https://yukipedia.cf/ Manuel peering
4242421080 highdef.network dn42-uk-lon01.jlu5.com, dn42-hk01.jlu5.com (no transit, in work), sea.peer.highdef.network, IXP frnte https://highdef.network/ Manuel peering
4242421081 IXP frnte route server (jiu5) IXP frnte - Automatic peering
4242421099 Owens Research Network de-fra01.owensresearch.org https://owensresearch.org/ Manuel peering
4242421146 AMC USA https://amcforum.wiki/ Manuel peering
4242421181 Main ASN from ne-vlezay80 - - Manuel peering
4242421197 Scooptas network ninym.uwu.academy, yui.uwu.academy https://dn42.scoopta.ninja/ Manuel peering
4242421231 caesia.dn42 network 2a03:4000:38:479::d242 http://dn42.caesia.net/ Manuel peering
4242421271 open-desk.net south.zitadelle.dev.open-desk.net, north.zitadelle.dev.open-desk.net https://open-desk.org/ Manuel peering
4242421288 NICHOLASCW Network fra1.sc00.org https://nicholas.wang/ Manuel peering
4242421337 Ben Network Oracle Cloud London https://blog.benjojo.co.uk/ Manuel peering
4242421350 KIYOMI-Network sea.jvav.tech https://www.ljjserver.cn/dn42/ Manuel peering
4242421404 filip dn42.filip.ovh - Manuel peering
4242421411 C4TG1RL5_UN1T3D famfo.xyz https://famfo.xyz/ Manuel peering
4242421440 canidae.systems networks sco1.dn42.canidae.systems https://dn42.canidae.systems/ Manuel peering
4242421482 Morik’s network rs1.morik.it, bregenz.morik.at https://www.morik.it/ Manuel peering
4242421488 koala koala.us.to https://koala.us.to/ Manuel peering
4242421541 pelethiec dn42-2.pelt10.fr https://www.pelt10.fr/ Manuel peering
4242421557 arisum de-nbg01.dn42.h-k.sk https://dn42.h-k.sk/ Manuel peering
4242421580 noreinx sfo.dn42.noreinx.me https://noreinx.me/ Manuel peering
4242421588 TECH9 CORE NETWORK de-fra02.dn42.tech9.io, sg-sin01.dn42.tech9.io, us-chi01.dn42.tech9.io https://www.chrismoos.com/ Automatic peering
4242421592 melusfer de01.dn42.ca.melusfer.us https://dn42.ca.melusfer.us/ Manuel peering
4242421722 Tchekda lyon.dn42.tchekda.fr https://www.tchekda.fr/ Manuel peering
4242421730 roge uk1.dn42.roge.io https://dn42.roge.io/ Manuel peering
4242421816 Potat0’s DN42 Network jp1.dn42.potat0.cc https://potat0.cc/ Manuel peering
4242421817 KSKB-NETWORK de.kskb.eu.org, hk.kskb.eu.org https://kskb42.pages.dev/ Automatic peering
4242421829 Ni’var eu.5trubel.de, ru.5trubel.de, us-e.5trubel.de, us-w.5trubel.de https://5trubel.de/ Manuel peering
4242421877 Lily Network tairitsu.lilynet.work, lilie.lilynet.work https://lilynet.work/ Manuel peering
4242421888 imlonghao’s DN42 Network de1.dn42.ni.sb, hk1.dn42.ni.sb - Manuel peering
4242421901 Baiyu Communications node1.vultr.fra.europe.dn42.dalao-home.com https://t.me/BaiyuCommunications Manuel peering
4242421955 nop.hu www.nop.hu http://www.freertr.org/ Manuel peering
4242421966 Keuin’s “1966” Network server1.connect.keuin.cc https://dn42.keuin.cc/ Manuel peering
4242422025 ALTK-NETWORK hkg4.servers.altk.org - Manuel peering
4242422032 Lapis Network lu1.eu.lapinet27.com, hk1.ap.lapinet27.com - Manuel peering
4242422092 P3BK4C DN42 Network fr0.dn42.pebkac.gr, fr0.dn42.pebkac.gr, at0.dn42.pebkac.gr, us0.dn42.pebkac.gr https://pebkac.gr/ Manuel peering
4242422116 Zaige Project / Hotaru Network Inc. par1.fr.dn42.zai.ge https://www.zai.ge/ Manuel peering
4242422189 iEdon Networks de-fra.dn42.kuu.moe, jp-tyo.dn42.kuu.moe, us-lax.dn42.kuu.moe https://dn42.kuu.moe/ Automatic peering
4242422206 techanit de1.dn42.est-it.de https://dn42.est-it.de/ Manuel peering
4242422215 sjwheel peer01.dn42.sjwheel.net https://sjwheel.net/ Manuel peering
4242422225 maraun dn42-de.maraun.de https://maraun.de/ Manuel peering
4242422237 munsternet de-fra01.dn42.munsternet.eu, sg-sin01.dn42.munsternet.eu https://dn42.munsternet.eu/ Manuel peering
4242422253 Woodie’s network - de1.dn42.woodie.cf Manuel peering
4242422311 NADEEN-NET Sri Lanka (no transit) https://nadeen.lk/ Manuel peering
4242422314 Kitauji Indiana, USA https://lg.kitauji.dn42/ Manuel peering
4242422399 jfy’s network Germany https://jfy.dn42/ Manuel peering
4242422417 duckl1ng’s network rtr1.dn42.duckl1ng.xyz https://duckl1ng.xyz/ Manuel peering
4242422459 The-Hedgehog-AS dn42.thehedgehog.me - Manuel peering
4242422535 XYS20071111 Japan / - Manuel peering
4242422547 Lan Tian’s Main network linkin.lantian.pub, buyvm.lantian.pub https://lantian.pub/ Manuel peering
4242422575 ANDROW-AS zrh1-ch.androw.eu, zrh2-ch.androw.eu, par3-fr.androw.eu, mks1-us.androw.eu https://www.androw.eu/ Manuel peering
4242422582 IAMM Network us-los1.dn42.iamm.one - Manuel peering
4242422588 AS-DO-DN42 - Manuel peering
4242422596 Ty3r0X redxen.chaox.ro, Romania https://chaox.ro/ Manuel peering
4242422601 burble.dn42 dn42-de-fra1.burble.com, dn42-fr-par1.burble.com, dn42-us-lax1.burble.com https://dn42.burble.com/ Manuel peering
4242422602 Global Route Collector fd42:4242:2601:ac12::1 https://dn42.eu/services/Route-Collector Manuel peering
4242422633 EASTBOUND lhr.eastbnd.com, sin.eastbnd.com (in work), lga.eastbnd.com - Manuel peering
4242422688 MiaoTony’s MeowNet las1.us.dn42.miaotony.xyz https://miaotony.xyz/ Manuel peering
4242422717 HuJK’s Network nl.vm.whojk.com, hk.vm.whojk.com, us.vm.whojk.com https://net.whojk.com/ Automatic peering
4242422763 Tacitis network nyc01.dn42.gurges.xyz - Manuel peering
4242422786 UVOK-AS 2a01:4f8:c2c:f9ef::1 (Germany) https://blog.uvokchee.de/ Manuel peering
4242422800 Magrathea Laboratories e.V. lintillas.maglab.space, brontitall.maglab.space https://maglab.space/ Manuel peering
4242422837 Ekis network lux1.eki.moe, las1.eki.moe https://eki.moe/ Manuel peering
4242422896 jlxip nas.jlxip.net https://jlxip.net/ Manuel peering
4242422924 Bandura Communications Lab and Monitoring srv.dn42-lab.de https://byeob.de/ Manuel peering
4242422936 Charlie rtr-uksouth2.dn42.i-am.cool http://charlie.dn42/ Manuel peering
4242422969 Krazynet mk.mathinfo.xyz https://dn42.mathinfo.xyz/ Manuel peering
4242422980 YuutaW dn42 network fra1.de.dn42.yuuta.moe, tyo1.jp.dn42.yuuta.moe, yyz1.ca.dn42.yuuta.moe https://yuuta.moe/ Automatic peering
4242423012 nex private AS Germany / 2001:638:904:ffc1::4 - Manuel peering
4242423035 Lare’s network de01.dn42.lare.cc, de02.dn42.lare.cc, uk01.dn42.lare.cc, usw1.dn42.lare.cc, use2.dn42.lare.cc https://dn42.lare.cc/ Manuel peering
4242423044 tinyt nl.dn42.ssssteve.one - Manuel peering
4242423088 sunnet fra1-de.dn42.6700.cc, hk1-hk.dn42.6700.cc https://www.6700.cc/ Manuel peering
4242423089 TMNET Amsterdam / 2a03:b0c0:2:d0::1085:8001 (in work) - Manuel peering
4242423117 dnsense 6.dnsense.pub https://lg.dnsense.pub/ Manuel peering
4242423257 NONLOCALHOST AS us-pdx1.dn42.nonlocal.host - Manuel peering
4242423315 Unknown Technology Solutions 1.nyc.ny.unknownts.com https://unknownts.com/ Manuel peering
4242423396 theresa eu2.dn42.theresa.cafe (partly work), us1.dn42.theresa.cafe, cn2.dn42.theresa.cafe (in work) https://theresa.cafe/ Manuel peering
4242423414 lnxm8.dn42 network jp01.dn42.lnxm8.net, de01.dn42.lnxm8.net https://dn42.lnxm8.net/ Manuel peering
4242423427 Apoca de-nue01.dn42.unpatched.de - Manuel peering
4242423618 Jerry Network nl.neo.jerryxiao.cc, 15.dyn.neo.jerryxiao.cc https://jerryxiao.cc/ Manuel peering
4242423632 ChuangZhu DN42 Network cantaloupe.link.melty.land, achacha.link.melty.land https://melty.land/ Manuel peering
4242423702 LAUNCHPAD-NETWORK near China https://lpnet0.rdpstudio.top/ Manuel peering
4242423740 ROBOBO Network n1.dn42.todevski.com - Manuel peering
4242423764 186526 Network de-frankfurt-02.edge.186526.xyz https://186526.xyz/ Manuel peering
4242423772 LDTI-NETWORK Israel - Manuel peering (no encryption)
4242423868 COOO NET fra1.dn42.cooo.cool, hk2.dn42.cooo.cool, las1.dn42.cooo.cool https://dn42.cooo.cool/ Manuel peering
4242423914 Kioubit Network de2.g-load.eu, hk1.g-load.eu, us2.g-load.eu https://dn42.g-load.eu/ Automatic peering
4242423947 SERNET de-fra1.sherpherd.dn42, us-lax1.sherpherd.dn42, hk1.sherpherd.dn42 https://blog.sherpherd.top/dn42.html Manuel peering

Non-dn42 peering

AS Network Peer Website Method
65026 Freifunk Frankfurt icvpn2.aixit.off.de.ffffm.net https://ffm.freifunk.net/ Manuel peering
65043 Freifunk Dreiländereck gw3.ff3l.net, gw4.ff3l.net, gw5.ff3l.net, gw9.ff3l.net https://freifunk-3laendereck.net/ Manuel peering
65142 Freifunk Fulda gw01.fulda.freifunk.net, gw02.fulda.freifunk.net, gw03.fulda.freifunk.net, gw04.fulda.freifunk.net https://fulda.freifunk.net/ Manuel peering