DN42 / NeoNetwork

Bandura Communications

dn42 is a decentralized peer-to-peer network built using VPNs and software/hardware BGP routers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dn42

Looking for AS4242422924? DN42 Lab and Monitoring


Peering policy: open - every peering is welcome, see peering request

Software: Bird2 + Wireguard (support MBGP, extended next hop and extended messages)

BGP communities

Communitiy Name Description
65535:65281 no-export do not advertise to any eBGP peers (implemented by bird)
65535:65282 no-advertise do not advertise to any BGP peer (implemented by bird)
65535:65283 no-export-subconfed do not advertise to any eBGP peer or to confederation (implemented by bird)
64511:(1-9) Latency Community, which specifies the maximum latency.
64511:(21-29) Bandwidth Community, which specifies the minimum bandwidth.
64511:(31-34) Crypto / Encryption Community, which specifies how the transmitted data is encrypted.
64511:(41-57) Region BGP communities for route origin
64511:(1000-1999) Country BGP communities for route origin

see RFC1997, RFC8642, Bird communities


The following filters are applied to imported routes:

Routing Policy

see BIRD 2.0 User’s Guide 6.3 BGP


bgp_med Description
0 default
+ ( 4 - [1-4] ) * 600 Crypto class
+ ( 9 - [1-9] ) * 100 Bandwidth class
+ ( [1-9] - 1 ) * 300 Latency class


bgp_local_pref Description
0 graceful shutdown
100 default
+ 700 Direct peer (AS path length = 1)
- 200 When direct peer (AS path length = 1) and exported to iBGP
+/- manuel configured For example, in case of latency problems or slow connections.

Numbers and Addresses

DN42 AS 4242422923
DN42 IPv4 net
DN42 IPv4 net
DN42 IPv6 net fd04:234e:fc31::/48
Pingable dn42-pingable.byeob.de
Pingable IPv4
Pingable IPv6 fd04:234e:fc31::
NEO AS 4201272923
NEO IPv4 net
NEO IPv6 net fd10:127:fc31::/48
Pingable neo-pingable.byeob.de
Pingable IPv4
Pingable IPv6 fd10:127:fc31::

Hint: The dn42 and the Neo network run over the same routers and are “mixed”. Both are overlay networks that are connected to each other. They are also connected to the Freifunk ICVPN.

Registry dn42

Organisation ID ORG-BC
E-Mail dn42@mk16.de
Abuse E-Mail dn42-abuse@mk16.de
Domain bandura.dn42
Maintainer ID MARK22K-MNT / MARK22K-DN42
Maintainer PGP 9AA28159FCEB3CD83BC212017E869146699108C7

Registry neo

E-Mail neo@mk16.de
Abuse E-Mail neo-abuse@mk16.de
Domain bandura.neo
Owner mark22k


Prefix Usage myip.dn42 anycast service
fd42:d42:d42:81::/64 myip.dn42 anycast service


Prefix Range Usage - End users - Full prefix - Node addresses - Anycast DNS - Old end users / end servers
Prefix Range Usage - Full prefix - Node addresses - Anycast DNS - End users / servers


Prefix Usage
fd04:234e:fc31::/48 Full prefix
- fd04:234e:fc31::/64 Nodes
- - fd04:234e:fc31::/112 Nodes addresses
- fd04:234e:fc31:e::/64 End users
- fd04:234e:fc31:b9af::/64 Transfer networks
Prefix Usage
fd10:127:fc31::/48 Full prefix
- fd10:127:fc31::/64 Nodes
- - fd10:127:fc31::/112 Nodes addresses
- fd10:127:fc31:e::/64 End users


Name Location Bandwidth Provider Note
p2p-node.de Nuremberg, Germany 2.5Gbit/s (shared) Netcup  
p2p-router.de Nuremberg, Germany 1.0Gbit/s (shared) Netcup  
herzstein.mk16.de Hong Kong 1Gbps (shared) Hosthatch  
aurora.mk16.de Lenexa, Kansas, USA 400 Mbps (shared) IONES weak resources
palerme.mk16.de near Nantes, France ~ 900Mbit/s (shared) LGP CORP IXP frnte
sobinka.mk16.de near Nantes, France ~ 900Mbit/s (shared) LGP CORP IXP frnte
laplace.mk16.de Hannover, Germany ~ 12Mbit/s (dedicated) - PC at my home | not publicly accessible
stricker.mk16.de Oregon, USA 1 Gbit/s (shared) OVH SAS over Evolution Host  
trolljaeger.mk16.de Kansas City, USA 100 Mbit/s (shared) August Internet  

IP addresses of my nodes:

Name dn42 IPv4 dn42 IPv6 neo IPv4 neo IPv6
Anycast fd04:234e:fc31:: fd10:127:fc31::
DNS fd04:234e:fc31::42 fd10:127:fc31::42
p2p-node.de fd04:234e:fc31::1 fd10:127:fc31::1
p2p-router.de fd04:234e:fc31::2 fd10:127:fc31::2
herzstein.mk16.de fd04:234e:fc31::3 fd10:127:fc31::3
aurora.mk16.de fd04:234e:fc31::4 fd10:127:fc31::4
palerme.mk16.de fd04:234e:fc31::5 fd10:127:fc31::5
sobinka.mk16.de fd04:234e:fc31::6 fd10:127:fc31::6
laplace.mk16.de fd04:234e:fc31::7 fd10:127:fc31::7
stricker.mk16.de fd04:234e:fc31::8 fd10:127:fc31::8
trolljaeger.mk16.de fd04:234e:fc31::9 fd10:127:fc31::9


AS Network Peer Website Method
64636 RaumZeitLabor e.V. mark22k.peers.raumzeitlabor.de https://raumzeitlabor.de/ Manuel peering
64719 lutoma de-fra.dn42.lutoma.org https://dn42.lutoma.org Automatic peering
65026 Freifunk Frankfurt icvpn2.aixit.off.de.ffffm.net https://ffm.freifunk.net/ Manuel peering
65043 Freifunk Dreiländereck gw3.ff3l.net, gw4.ff3l.net, gw5.ff3l.net, gw9.ff3l.net https://freifunk-3laendereck.net/ Manuel peering
65142 Freifunk Fulda gw01.fulda.freifunk.net, gw02.fulda.freifunk.net, gw03.fulda.freifunk.net, gw04.fulda.freifunk.net https://fulda.freifunk.net/ Manuel peering
76190 tbspace dn42.tbspace.de https://tbspace.de/ Manuel peering
4201270000 NeoNetwork Origin fsnvax.neocloud.tw https://neovax.neocloud.tw/ Manuel peering
4201270007 StaphNet aureus.ga https://s.aureus.ga/StaphNet/ Manuel peering
4201271111 Kusakabe-Neo dn42nl.azurewebsites.net, dn42hk.azurewebsites.net https://kskb42.pages.dev/ Automatic peering
4201271877 Lily Network stella.lilynet.work https://lilynet.work/ Manuel peering
4242420212 Bling Network ams1.dn42.blw.moe, hkg1.dn42.blw.moe, sfo1.dn42.blw.moe https://blw.moe/ Manuel peering
4242420213 Thomas Network Backbone Luxemburg http://as4242420213.dn42/ Manuel peering
4242420228 spectre network de-nbg01.dn42.spectre-net.de https://spectre-net.de/ Manuel peering
4242420253 moe233 sg1.dn42.moe233.net https://moe233.net/ Manuel peering
4242420341 Hachiman Network eddm.fal.moe https://lg.hachiman.dn42/ Manuel peering
4242420365 Aleksana Network server0.aleksana.moe - Manuel peering
4242420428 hax404’s network mark22k.peers.hax404.de https://www.hax404.de/ Manuel peering
4242420458 HUAJINET us-east1.dn42.huajitech.net, cn-intl1.dn42.huajitech.net, eu-west1.dn42.huajitech.net https://www.huajitech.net/ Manuel peering
4242420503 ziad87 ziad87.net https://ziad87.net/ Manuel peering
4242420517 Huang’s network sgp.dn42.kenn.one - Manuel peering
4242420549 bb-pgqm lux.lux.dn42.bb-pgqm.com https://dn42.bb-pgqm.com/ Manuel peering
4242420585 ATOLM-AS de1.dn42.atolm.net, jp1.dn42.atolm.net, ca1.dn42.atolm.net https://dn42.atolm.net/ Manuel peering
4242420591 Nullplane rtr1.ord.nullplane.net https://dn42.nullplane.net/ Manuel peering
4242420603 MolMoe Network hk02.nodes.mol.moe https://dn42.mol.moe/ Automatic peering
4242420609 BitKraken 2a02:c207:3004:7414::23 - Manuel peering
4242420720 Interwebs dn42.interwebs.it https://interwebs.it/ Manuel peering
4242420780 brand-web.net dn42-de-fra4.brand-web.net https://brand-web.net/ Manuel peering
4242420807 RHM Experimental Network (Germany), (Singapore) - Manuel peering
4242420904 y525 nike.y525.cf / 2a0e:fd45:1000:54::2 https://dn42.y525.gq/ Manuel peering
4242420927 Liki / Las Vegas, USA - Manuel peering
4242421037 LibreHouse Network setsuna.yukipedia.cf https://yukipedia.cf/ Manuel peering
4242421080 highdef.network dn42-uk-lon01.jlu5.com, dn42-hk01.jlu5.com (no transit, in work), sea.peer.highdef.network, IXP frnte https://highdef.network/ Manuel peering
4242421081 IXP frnte route server (jiu5) IXP frnte - Automatic peering
4242421099 Owens Research Network de-fra01.owensresearch.org https://owensresearch.org/ Manuel peering
4242421181 Main ASN from ne-vlezay80 - - Manuel peering
4242421197 Scooptas network rin.uwu.academy, raphtalia.uwu.academy - Manuel peering
4242421231 caesia.dn42 network 2a03:4000:38:479::d242 http://dn42.caesia.net/ Manuel peering
4242421271 open-desk.net south.zitadelle.dev.open-desk.net, north.zitadelle.dev.open-desk.net https://open-desk.org/ Manuel peering
4242421288 NICHOLASCW Network fra1.sc00.org https://nicholas.wang/ Manuel peering
4242421337 Ben Network Oracle Cloud London https://blog.benjojo.co.uk/ Manuel peering
4242421404 filip dn42.filip.ovh - Manuel peering
4242421411 C4TG1RL5_UN1T3D famfo.xyz https://famfo.xyz/ Manuel peering
4242421440 canidae.systems networks sco1.dn42.canidae.systems https://dn42.canidae.systems/ Manuel peering
4242421482 Morik’s network rs1.morik.it, bregenz.morik.at https://www.morik.it/ Manuel peering
4242421488 koala koala.gq https://www.koala.gq/ Manuel peering
4242421541 pelethiec dn42-2.pelt10.fr https://www.pelt10.fr/ Manuel peering
4242421557 arisum de-nbg01.dn42.h-k.sk https://dn42.h-k.sk/ Manuel peering
4242421588 TECH9 CORE NETWORK de-fra02.dn42.tech9.io, sg-sin01.dn42.tech9.io, us-chi01.dn42.tech9.io https://www.chrismoos.com/ Automatic peering
4242421592 melusfer de01.dn42.ca.melusfer.us https://dn42.ca.melusfer.us/ Manuel peering
4242421722 Tchekda lyon.dn42.tchekda.fr https://www.tchekda.fr/ Manuel peering
4242421730 roge uk1.dn42.roge.io https://dn42.roge.io/ Manuel peering
4242421816 Potat0’s DN42 Network jp1.dn42.potat0.cc https://potat0.cc/ Manuel peering
4242421817 KSKB-NETWORK de.kskb.eu.org, hk.kskb.eu.org https://kskb42.pages.dev/ Automatic peering
4242421877 Lily Network tairitsu.lilynet.work, lilie.lilynet.work https://lilynet.work/ Manuel peering
4242421888 imlonghao’s DN42 Network de1.dn42.ni.sb, hk1.dn42.ni.sb - Manuel peering
4242421901 Baiyu Communications node1.vultr.fra.europe.dn42.dalao-home.com https://t.me/BaiyuCommunications Manuel peering
4242421955 nop.hu www.nop.hu http://www.freertr.org/ Manuel peering
4242421966 Keuin’s “1966” Network server1.connect.keuin.cc https://dn42.keuin.cc/ Manuel peering
4242422032 Lapis Network lu1.eu.lapinet27.com, hk1.ap.lapinet27.com, nyc1.us.lapinet27.com - Manuel peering
4242422092 P3BK4C DN42 Network fr0.dn42.pebkac.gr https://pebkac.gr/ Manuel peering
4242422116 Zaige Project / Hotaru Network Inc. par1.fr.dn42.zai.ge https://www.zai.ge/ Manuel peering
4242422189 iEdon Networks de-fra.dn42.kuu.moe, jp-tyo.dn42.kuu.moe, us-lax.dn42.kuu.moe https://dn42.kuu.moe/ Automatic peering
4242422206 techanit de1.dn42.est-it.de https://dn42.est-it.de/ Manuel peering
4242422225 maraun dn42-de.maraun.de https://maraun.de/ Manuel peering
4242422237 munsternet de-fra01.dn42.munsternet.eu, sg-sin01.dn42.munsternet.eu https://dn42.munsternet.eu/ Manuel peering
4242422253 Woodie’s network - de1.dn42.woodie.cf Manuel peering
4242422311 NADEEN-NET Sri Lanka (no transit) https://nadeen.lk/ Manuel peering
4242422459 The-Hedgehog-AS dn42.thehedgehog.me - Manuel peering
4242422535 XYS20071111 Japan / - Manuel peering
4242422547 Lan Tian’s Main network linkin.lantian.pub, buyvm.lantian.pub https://lantian.pub/ Manuel peering
4242422575 androw zrh2.ch.androw.eu https://www.androw.eu/ Manuel peering
4242422582 IAMM Network us-los1.dn42.iamm.one - Manuel peering
4242422588 AS-DO-DN42 - Manuel peering
4242422596 Ty3r0X Romania https://chaox.ro/ Manuel peering
4242422602 Global Route Collector fd42:4242:2601:ac12::1 https://dn42.eu/services/Route-Collector Manuel peering
4242422633 EASTBOUND lhr.eastbnd.com, sin.eastbnd.com (in work), lga.eastbnd.com - Manuel peering
4242422688 MiaoTony’s MeowNet las1.us.dn42.miaotony.xyz https://miaotony.xyz/ Manuel peering
4242422717 HuJK’s Network nl.vm.whojk.com, hk.vm.whojk.com, us.vm.whojk.com https://net.whojk.com/ Automatic peering
4242422763 Tacitis network nyc01.dn42.gurges.xyz - Manuel peering
4242422778 TIVIPAX-AS {v4,v6}.lax1.tivipax.tk https://tivipax.github.io/ Manuel peering
4242422800 Magrathea Laboratories e.V. lintillas.maglab.space, brontitall.maglab.space https://maglab.space/ Manuel peering
4242422837 Ekis network lux1.eki.moe, las1.eki.moe https://eki.moe/ Manuel peering
4242422896 jlxip nas.jlxip.net https://jlxip.net/ Manuel peering
4242422924 Bandura Communications Lab and Monitoring srv.dn42-lab.de https://byeob.de/ Manuel peering
4242422969 Krazynet mk.mathinfo.xyz https://dn42.mathinfo.xyz/ Manuel peering
4242422980 YuutaW dn42 network fra1.de.dn42.yuuta.moe, tyo1.jp.dn42.yuuta.moe, yyz1.ca.dn42.yuuta.moe https://yuuta.moe/ Automatic peering
4242423012 nex private AS Germany / 2001:638:904:ffc1::4 - Manuel peering
4242423035 Lare’s network de01.dn42.lare.cc https://dn42.lare.cc/ Manuel peering
4242423044 tinyt nl.dn42.ssssteve.one - Manuel peering
4242423088 sunnet fra1-de.dn42.6700.cc, hk1-hk.dn42.6700.cc https://www.6700.cc/ Manuel peering
4242423089 TMNET Amsterdam / 2a03:b0c0:2:d0::1085:8001 (in work) - Manuel peering
4242423257 NONLOCALHOST AS us-pdx1.dn42.nonlocal.host - Manuel peering
4242423315 Unknown Technology Solutions 1.nyc.ny.unknownts.com https://unknownts.com/ Manuel peering
4242423396 theresa eu2.dn42.theresa.cafe (partly work), us1.dn42.theresa.cafe, cn2.dn42.theresa.cafe (in work) https://theresa.cafe/ Manuel peering
4242423414 lnxm8.dn42 network jp01.dn42.lnxm8.net, de01.dn42.lnxm8.net https://dn42.lnxm8.net/ Manuel peering
4242423618 Jerry Network nl.neo.jerryxiao.cc, 15.dyn.neo.jerryxiao.cc https://jerryxiao.cc/ Manuel peering
4242423632 ChuangZhu DN42 Network cantaloupe.link.melty.land, achacha.link.melty.land, chokeberry.link.melty.land https://melty.land/ Manuel peering
4242423740 ROBOBO Network n1.dn42.todevski.com - Manuel peering
4242423743 Chatnoir ams1-nl.bugsur.xyz https://blog.bugsur.xyz/ Manuel peering
4242423764 186526 Network de-frankfurt-02.edge.186526.xyz, cn-hongkong-01.edge.186526.xyz https://186526.xyz/ Manuel peering
4242423847 theq de-flk-dn42.0011.de https://dn42.0011.de/ Manuel peering
4242423868 COOO NET fra1.dn42.cooo.cool, hk2.dn42.cooo.cool, las1.dn42.cooo.cool https://dn42.cooo.cool/ Manuel peering
4242423914 Kioubit Network de2.g-load.eu, hk1.g-load.eu, us2.g-load.eu https://dn42.g-load.eu/ Automatic peering

Internal used addresses

Prefix Usage Peer Tunnel IPv4 - Transfer network ICVPN Frankfurt Transfer network ICVPN Frankfurt Transfer network DargDrgn Transfer network IGP Transfer network IGP Transfer network IGP Transfer network IGP
Prefix Usage Peer
fd04:234e:fc31:b9af:1085:435c:4b0d:0/127 Transfer network ICVPN Frankfurt
fd04:234e:fc31:b9af:a795:d0b2:2843:0/127 Transfer network ICVPN Frankfurt

Internal used attributes

(65535, 70, netid)

netid Network
0 Unknown network / drop route
1 dn42 or with dn42 interconnected network
3 router.city network